Welcome to Action-Research, the WISR Way

Hi! Welcome to WISR’s blog and library of readings and resources on action-research. This is also the place to find news about upcoming and past WISR seminars on action-research, as well as discussions about issues, ideas and methods raised in those seminars. “Action-Research”–which at WISR includes qualitative approaches to social research, participatory research, community-based action-inquiry, and related methods–is a core area of knowledge, expertise and concern among WISR faculty, students and alumni. This blog is a new, and central, vehicle for learning more about WISR’s approaches to action-inquiry, in general, and some of the specific action-research pursuits of members of the WISR community, in particular.

This blog is also WISR’s alternative to traditional online classes–it is WISR’s online approach to collaborative inquiry and study in the many facets of action-research. We look forward to comments and dialogue, not only from WISR students, faculty and alumni, but from scholars, activists and community service professionals who have not previously been involved at WISR.


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