On this page, WISR learners and others interested in learning about action-reseach “the WISR way” can access readings and resources that may be useful to promote thought and action that is informed, critically-minded and creative.

One good overview is the article, “Participatory Action-Research, Inclusiveness, and Empowering Community Action at the Western Institute for Social Research” written by long-time WISR core faculty, John Bilorusky, the late Terry Lunsford, and Cynthia Lawrence.   This article appeared in Democracy Works: Joining Theory to Action to Foster Global Social Change, edited by Torry Dickinson and Terrie Clark, with Summer B.C. Lewis, Boulder: CO: Paradigm Publishers, 2008.  It appears on this website for use by WISR learners and others wishing to learn about WISR’s approach to action-research by special agreement with and appreciation to Paradigm Publishers.

A series of articles on writing and research, summarized in this abstract.  Below one can access each article in its entirety:

The Importance of Sharing Stories and the Details of the Complexities of Our Lived Experiences and Inquiries—in Writing and Telling Others about Our Emerging Knowledge and Expertise by WISR Faculty Member, John Bilorusky (2-21-12)
Discussion paper on Communicating What We Know to Others—written on 5-7-81 by WISR faculty members, Terry Lunsford and John Bilorusky, as part of WISR’s national demonstration project on teaching and learning action-research (funded by the US Department of Education’s Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education).
Suggestions on Doing Theses at WISR by WISR Faculty Member, John Bilorusky
Techniques and Uses of Note-Taking –This short handout on “Note-Taking Methods and Ideas for Community Agencies” was developed by Terry Lunsford and John Bilorusky, of the WISR faculty, in 1981, as part of WISR’s Federally-funded FIPSE project on teaching and learning action-research.
Some Ideas and Suggestions about Writing by WISR Faculty members, Cynthia Lawrence and John Bilorusky, June 2, 2006
Action Research Seminar: ‘Writing in Your Own Voice’ by WISR Faculty Member, Cynthia Lawrence

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